Monday, November 02, 2009

On a Bremerton Junior Youth Group Serves As Vehicle for Growth: A neighborhood Baha'i intensive campaign focuses on core activities

Here is a Kitsap County's junior youth group camping out at Neah Bay.
In my view, Kitsap County, Cluster 5 WA in Baha'i terminology, will go down in history as having one of the earliest and most successful junior youth programs in the region. The Intensive Program of Growth on-going in the county at present has focused on following up with the families of the children who are partipating in a junior youth group in several nearby apartment complexes.
Loree has been at the forefront of the local effort. Here she is with her husband.
Jonathon, a young adult himself, is a co-animator. Here he is on the far right of this photo taken this past weekend.
I will always have vivid memories of the two of them visiting at length with the parent of one of the junior youth kids during our campaign on Saturday, inviting his continued support for having his daughter involved, but also helping him become more fully informed about the teachings of the Faith itself. It was powerful and sensitive engagement of this parent by the two of them. That the parent is already newly active in a local church was in no way a deterent to further discussion. And that discussion out on the curb next to the man's car in front of the apartment complex where his family lived was sustained and in-depth. 
I recall first seeing the junior youth group out at the Neah Bay Council Fire where they were camping. What wonderful vibes were coming from their campsite, which contributed to the overall feeling-tone of the larger gathering.
I remember Ferris talking about how junior youth groups can be a saving grace for the children of the world whose needs have often not been met as children. The juior youth groups can be a last resort for staving off a lifetime of personal difficulty that might otherwise be the outcome. -gw

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