Friday, November 27, 2009

On Baha'i Barbie: African-American with the possibility of tattoos

Perhaps you've seen the picture of a Barbie doll in front of the Indian Baha'i House of Worship.

Each morn better than its eve - The launch of the Hindu Barbie doll chose the Lotus Temple gardens as the launch/promotion picture ... Baha'i House of Worship gains new admirerers ...

Tugaske Blogs - Top Tugaske Bloggers Today The "Hindu" Barbie doll blends nicely into the beautiful gardens surrounding the Bahá'í "Lotus" Temple in New Delhi, India. Toys can certainly be used to ...

Mattel does have many different versions of the Barbie.  One, Nikki Barbie, is "afrocentric" and has the option of wearing tattoos.

FireflyinJuly had this to say in comment to a post on an article on the "Burka Barbie"

Other dolls by Mattel:

Yarmulke Ken, Pope-Hat skipper, Bopsy the Buddhist, and Bahá'í Nikki.

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The comment is apparently meant in sarcastic humor, but I thought it interesting that the doll s/he chose to identify as Baha'i is African-American. -gw

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