Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On the Arts as a Unifying Force Within the Baha'i Community: Unleashing the creativity of individual Baha'is

Artful Expressions of Faith

Inspired by ‘Abdu'l-Bahá’s statement that “all art is a gift of the Holy Spirit,” this video highlights a number of artful moments in our history to date.

From the performing and visual arts at the local level to architectural achievements on the international scene, the arts have played a significant part in unifying the Bahá'í community and unleashing the creativity of individual Baha'is.

So exciting, so exciting, the ever increasing use of the arts in everything that Baha'is do, as the current issue of The American Baha'i magazine so artfully illustrates, tying into the theme of the current Baha'i newsreel above.

The arts are woven into both the Wednesday Ruhi 1 study circle and the Thursday devotional meeting in our home. Wednesday Rahmat presented a portion of his video on the Windstock youth retreat as an illustration of prayer put to music.Walter Palmore's paintings serve as an anchor for personal reflections that accompany the prayers offered each Thursday. -gw

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