Monday, November 23, 2009

On Ahmadinejad in Brazil: Brazilian Baha'is provide statement

"Economically and intellectually, the Baha'is are throttled. All Bahá'í holly places have been confiscated, all Bahá'í cemiteries destroyed" affirms Mr. Eghrari, the Brazilian National spokesman of the Bahá'ís, to "Band" Press.

From the article:
«In the Persian country, religious identification in student and work charts...

is obligatory. Bahá'is are not recognized as a religious minority and are forbidden to practice their faith in the persian country. The same does not occur with Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrism, whose rights are assured by the Constitution."Read More
Comunidades judaica e iraniana divergem sobre vinda de Ahmadinejad
Thanks, Sam, for the heads up on this. And another Facebook friend notes the article below. -gw

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