Saturday, November 28, 2009

On After the Glass Museum: A Baha'i home-visit at Rashid's

Rashid called this afternoon just as I was getting ready to go visit Charles. After putting some hours at work earlier, I had been at the Glass Museum with Ruhiyyih, Matt, and Bonita where Taraz works. With the chance to visit Rashid, I went over to his house; I'll stop by Charles' tomorrow. It's great re-connecting.  I told Rashid all about our efforts to build a more spiritual community in Tacoma. He reflected on family difficulties, life's hardship and suffering, recalling the Biblical stories of Jacob and his son Joseph, and of Job. He and Rocky go way back, BTW. Rocky had officiated at both a wedding and a funeral for members of Rashid's extended family back in the day. At one point during our visit, Rashid asked if I had Rocky's number. I "dialed" it up on my cell phone, and the two had a chance to chat. Rashid said he is going to come to devotions on Thursday so he can see Rocky and Walter and be with the friends. -gw

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