Saturday, October 03, 2009

On a Stream That Flows Into the Mighty River of Collective Knowledge About Teaching the Baha'i Faith: Heart to Heart

Teaching the Baha'i Faith is a collaborative endeavor, especially since the Ruhi Institute Process has come to guide our efforts.The Baha'i community is a learning community. We inspire each other. We don't press our learnings on one another, but we are happy to share what has worked for us. In fact, all our opportunities for consultation, whether at District Convention (for us, tomorrow), at Feast, at quarterly Reflection Meetings (for this cluster, next weekend), or at meetings of the Spiritual Assembly, are opportuniities for sharing what works.

How quickly our learnings evolve. Each Intensive Program of Growth for individual Baha'i clusters all around the world are so different from one to the next, because of how previous learnings are being applied.

Zabine Van Ness has put together her learnings from decades of personal teaching in Heart to Heart, a unique and extensive interactive CD that is available for purchase. Heart to Heart had the benefit of careful perusal by the Reviewing Committee of the U.S. Baha'i National Assembly. Her personal learnings flow into the river of collective knowlege about teaching the Baha'i Faith that grows mightier with each passing day.

These pictures of Zabine were taken during the Arts Festival at Brighton Creek Baha'i Conference Center. She had a workshop, portions of which I was able to video on a Webbie and hope to put up on YouTube. I've included here one short video snippet from Zabine's workshop I took on my Minolta. -gw

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