Thursday, October 01, 2009

On Singing in a Karaoke Bar: Then catching the end of the soccer game that the Baha’i team, Twin Arrows, was playing in

Do you sing karaoke? A lot of Baha'is do, I suppose. Preliminary to their successful professional singing careers... -gw
It is this small little old folks kareoke bar! And there isn’t a person under 39 in the building! :) I made friends though! With Fran, the lady running the songbooks, and Bev :) … I was actually still quite nervous at first. But then after hearing about 10 half drunk old people sing classics… I felt fine. My turn eventually came… I was up! I walked up to the stage and started singing. i missed the first line but jumped right in. Singing wise… it was actually fine! I felt good about. But for SOME REASON my legs were like JELLO! They wouldn’t stop shaking. And this isn’t like small shakes that you feel but no one else can actually see… this is like JIG shakes. Like I would try to change the position of my leg to make it stop shaking and it would just shake more! …My only idea is that I hadn’t eaten much that day so combination of low blood sugar and nerves was just… Jigging Jellyfish Legs! … yup.

But legs aside… practise went well! And I’m glad i went! :) Now I know what to expect!

I ran out of there by 10PM and caught a bus to UVic where I went to catch the end of the soccer game that the Baha’i team, Twin Arrows, was playing in. I just got there, watched less than a minute of the game and then the whistle blew… I guess its the effort that counts :P

Photo: "Laughing guy. He ran the karaoke machine and wouldn't let me sing, 'Break My Stride.' He said it was too slow. This made me very sad." Uploaded on August 9, 2009 by mike fischer on flickr, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

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