Monday, October 26, 2009

On Photo Not to Be Forgotten: Expressions in the moment

Somehow this photo didn't make it in the previous post, but it is definately a photo not to be forgotten. -gw
A day after the official end to our Intensive phase, Deb and I were in another home in the neighborhood this evening, beginning consolidation. We visited Charles, former Baptist, former Muslim, lover of unity and the oneness of mankind, to continue a conversation that began with just a brief exchange Deb and Kale had at his doorstep the afternoon before, during the same time the children's class was occuring with Haji Hossain and children, where the above photo was taken. In Charles' home, too, are lovely children and grandchildren, and we learned he works with youth, coaching football. He said he had assisted last year in engaging about 30 gang members, getting them off the streets and into sports. We engaged him in Anna's conversation, giving him a complete overview of the Baha'i Faith. He said that this was the first religion he had heard of that taught what he had always believed, that religions should be one. He committed to come to a devotional meeting.-gw

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