Friday, October 30, 2009

On Peaceful and Productive Baha'is: Rapturous, too?

Some folks put the Baha'i Faith in a category of "Modern Cults & Religions ... that deny the biblical Jesus alone is the complete atonement and only Savior for mankind, add works to grace, and extra-Biblical rituals to worship, thus negating true salvation." Participants on a forum devoted to the subject noted Rainn Wilson's appearance on Nightline in which he discussed the Faith had these comments. -gw
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Has anyone ever heard of this religion? I saw it on Nightline. Rayne Wilson of "The Office" is really into it. Their saying all religions are under one God. They don't show a picture of the founder because he is too sacred to look at and their goal is world peace. They say the founder is the same as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, etc.

One of my many college roomates was from Rwanda Africa by way of Paris, France, and Iran. She practiced this faith and was a lovely person. I wasn't too concerned about my Christian walk back then and didn't pay much attention to her business but she was very peaceful and productive.

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