Tuesday, October 06, 2009

On the Passing of Gourmeet Magazine: "What a loss, what a loss, what a loss!"

I did not expect to encounter a mention of the Faith in comments regarding the passing of Gourmet magazine. -gw

"What a loss, what a loss, what a loss!" This was a remark made years ago by the then-head of the Baha'i community in response to the sudden passing of a notable Baha'i, but I feel it applies equally to the all too sudden demise of this notable magazine. Gourmet has been part of our family's household for as long as I can remember, along with National Geographic and Reader's Digest. So many of our family's recipes came from those pages; even I got brave enough to try one! It seems hard to believe that I will no longer see any more stunning front covers, or read Sugar and Spice, You Asked for It, London Journal, and New York Journal - just to name a few familiar titles.

My condolences and thanks to Ruth Reichl and all of her talented staff, and indeed to all those who served at this illustrious magazine for so many decades.


Valerie Smith
Old Saybrook, CT


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