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On the Green Hills of Kuramba: Home to 8,800 Baha'is

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Speaking of numbers of Baha'is in the world, did you know that 10% of the population of Kuramba is Baha'i. That's 8,800 people, folks!

Name : Kuramba

Population: Around 88,000

Major Ethnicities: German 60%, Russian 10%, English 10%, Arabic 10%, Irish 10%

Major Exports: Cars, Heavy machinery, Oil

Religion: Christianity 60%( Baptist 20%, Orthodox 20%, Mormon 10%, Catholic 10%), Judaism 15%, Baha'i 10%, Islam 10%, Atheist 5%.

About Kuramba : Kuramba is a Provence of German Immigrants who first set up towns in Kuramba's Green Hills,The German Immigrants set up Kuramba's Economic Industry of Cars and Heavy Machinery. With the discovery of Oil at the start of the 20th Century a large about of Arabs came to Kuramba.After World War 2 many German Jews came to Kuramba.From the 1970's on many Arabs came to Kuramba bringing Islam with them.In the early 80's Baha'i became popular among the youth in Kuramba and did not fade away and today Kuramba has a high Baha'i population.The Mormon movement Started in Kuamba in the late 80's and Kuramba has one of the highest Mormon populations in the world. Today Kuramba is a very left wing country, Liberal and Social Democrat politics dominate Kuramba.There has been severe tension in Kuramba between the large Jewish and Islamic population.Kuramba does not have a very poor population and has very strong environmental regulations.Kuramba is a very peaceful province and has a large Social Welfare system of Free health care education and care for veterans.

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In case you haven't already figured it out, let me hasten to add that Karumba exists only virtually, in the mind of its online creator. -gw

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