Saturday, October 03, 2009

On Dizzy a Baha'i: National Public Radio mention

Cary Enoch Reinstein Cary Enoch Reinstein Speaking of Dizzy Gillespie, "He was a Baha'i," she says. "We used to have great conversations about
Judaism and Baha'ism and the oneness of mankind. But I do say when I
play, I also feel Diz, I feel his connection with me, and that feels
really special."

Jennie Litvack's memories of late jazz trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie lend a sentimental touch as she plays the shofar at Adas Israel synagogue in Washington, D.C.
Deb in our community heard this on NPR. Cary did, too, and posted about in on Facebook.-gw

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