Wednesday, April 02, 2008

On the Work of Newly Declared Baha'is in Supporting AIDS Orphans: Service to humanity

Chris and his wife Deb are newly declared Baha'is in our Lansing, Michigan, area community (along with two others, all since January 2008!) and his work on orphans in Uganda is highlighted in the Friends of Nyaka blog.

Ned has emailed me with word of a blog post about two new Baha'is and their work with an AIDS orphan school in Uganda. -gw

I talked to all the children in every classroom. I told them that I work for Nyaka AIDS Orphans School and it is my job to make sure they are well taken care of. This, in typical Nyaka fashion, was greeted with applause and smiles. As a member of the Bahai’ faith, service to humanity is very important to me. Throughout my career, I have worked with abused children, autistic children, and refugee youth in foster care. I feel that all of my efforts in those arenas have been beneficial to the population I worked with. But with my work at Nyaka, I feel this is my calling and this is the most important project I’ve ever had the privilege of working on.
Friends of Nyaka Weblog:Volunteers hoping to make a difference for the children of Nyaka and Kutamba AIDS Orphans School in Uganda.

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Anonymous said...

hello, i thought i would ask how you got into the work in uganda? i recently decided or i should say realised and received a calling to do this work (AIDS/orphans/Africa) and am interested to hear how you got involved and what you do. Is all your work with or under the umbrella of the Faith? What is a typical day like for you? How do you cope with the reality of widespread death and disease?
many thanks