Saturday, April 19, 2008

On Saying Goodby to My Old Familiar Friend Blogger: Join me at my new home

The moment has arrived for me to say goodbye to my Blogger site. It is hard to tear myself away from its big goofy comfort. It has served me well, but it is time to move over to my new home on Wordpress.

I invite you to join me there.

All of the Baha'i Views posts going back to the very first are on the new site. The old Blogger will remain up. The mirroring I have done for the past two weeks, of carrying stories on both sites, has ended. You will note that I have simplified layout in the new posts on the new site. The typeface is more readable than in the posts I carried over from Blogger. I welcome your feedback as I continue to make adjustments. I will continue to have a blogroll of blogs featured, as the basic re-posting format of Baha'i Views remains the same.

Dearly loved loyal visitors, consider subscribing to Bahai Views. It helps to boost awareness of the site and ensures that you get updates emailed automatically and for free each day. Just push the button on the sidebar at the new site.

Thanks to David Henderson of for his assistance in this move.


SAM said...

So its no changing ur mind on this...?
We will miss you on blogger

ps: I must say I liked the design of the new space you guys have developed!

Sharon Wilson said...

I enjoyed your posts and will see you at your new home.