Tuesday, April 08, 2008

On Ridvan Links: Sources of inspiration for reaching and teaching

"Detail of the benches in the Ridván Garden, ‘Akká, Israel"
Baha'i Media Bank

With the Baha'i Holy Day of Ridvan in mind, Jeanette and Vahid call our attention to more great sources of inspiration they have gathered together on their website, Reaching and Teaching Efforts. -gw

Dear Friends,

Happy Ridván

"Upon Our arrival, We were welcomed with banners of light, whereupon the Voice of the Spirit cried out saying: 'Soon will all that dwell on earth be enlisted under these banners.'" Bahá’u’lláh

To see different Ridván videos and the video of Israelis and Palestinians together singing songs of Love and Peace and witness a glimmer of that Great Spirit, please go to
http://teachingandprojects.com/ then,
1) Click on " Art and Music " on the left hand side of the page
2) Scroll down to Happy Ridván

Also in the same page you will find the Arabic chanting of the Tablet of Ahmad that hopefully will be a source of inspiration and help to you as much as it has been to us.

At your request, we will enumerate some of the additions and updates to the above site since we last posted it here, as follows:

1) In the “Home” Page
· Multimedia: Audio, Video, Images, Blogs and Podcasts
2) Children and pre-youth
· Spiritual Education Lesson Plans

3) In the “Art and Music” page
· “Happy and joyous Naw-Rúz and Ridván” Slide shows
· Happy Ridván - Persian Tar and Poetry
· “Happy Naw-Rúz “From Radio Nasim Persian
· Chant of Tablet of Ahmad in Arabic
· Bahá’í Short Obligatory Prayer in English and Arabic
· Universal peace brotherhood video
· A tribute to Bahá’í artists around the world
4) In the “Other Religions” page
· “World Religion Day” Interfaith understanding and harmony site
· Teaching Christians Effectively Seminar 10 hour seminar by Dr. David Young
· Prophecy Fulfilled Planet Bahá'í
5) In the “Other sites” page
· “Radio Nasim” Persian radio site
· Arabic Bahá’í Dialogue Room for Religions and Faiths
· Gathered information on the postal stamps and material related to the Baha'i Faith
· “DivineNotes” Collection of Baha'i-inspired music in various languages
· A Bahá'í Faith Page
· Bahá'í Faith Index
· The Wilmette Institute on-line courses on the Bahá’í Faith
· True Seeker, various Writings website
· Bahá’í videos available from around the world, about 586 different videos or 72 hours of videos

With best wishes for all,
Vahid and Jeanette Hedayati


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