Tuesday, April 15, 2008

On a Pilot Project in the Phillips Neighborhood: A lil about the Baha'i Faith

This guy has the outward orientation of a Baha'i teacher. And I love the fact that he really mixes up the type sizes and typefaces on his blog. -gw

Beginning a Jr Youth class is amazing. It can be so intimidating, but once action takes place, the momentum is really driving.A friend and I just had the bounty of helping to start a new Jr. Youth class in Minneapolis in the Phillips neighborhood. How fun. Seriously! We met with the parents last week and they were all excited. We taught them a lil about the Baha'i Faith, they all seemed relatively interested, and signed all the kids up.Total kids- 6 Total time-7wks (pilot project)
Reflections on Teaching with Anna's Presentation I

Have you counted your b-lessons today?
Where I spell out realizations, events, epiphanies which I believe are both lessons of life that are helping me progress, as well as blessings of God in my life. Peace on that.

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