Monday, April 07, 2008

On Not Yet a Baha'i: But studying it

Arsinoe is a student of faith, the Baha'i Faith, but not yet declared. -gw

Officially, I am not yet a Baha'i as I have yet to declare. However, I have been studying the faith for a year or so now and have known about it a bit longer. Believe it or not, i first heard of the faith on a chat show. One of the participants mentioned that she was Baha'i and as I had not heard the word before I began to investigate. At the time I was studying both Religious Studies and Religious Education at GCSE level and thought it important that I learn what I can about the different pathways of Belief. But it was only ever the Baha'i teachings that stayed with me and intrigued me in years to come. I know no one else who is a Baha'i. My Parents are from a C of E and Jehovahs Witness background respectively and there was little discussion in our household in regards to other cultures and ways of being. One of the things I have come to love about the faith is its acceptance of all people and its recognition of our essential unity. It allows for exploration and demands very little of you other than your individuality and world embracing vision. I also love how the Baha'i faith is very much rooted in practicality. It allows you to live your faith and contribute actively in the world powered by your belief. These were two aspects I had been looking for in a religion and the Baha'i way has provided me with both :)
Arsinoe,"Be The Change That You Wish To See In The World - Ghandi"


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Anonymous said...

hi! i was looking at religion for a drama monologue and somehow came across your page. Much like yourself i am not a bahai as of yet either :) but my father and a couple of other people in my town are only about 5 to 10 at the most.....i call myself a bahai but am not officially..not quite sure why...i am over 16 years old...but i still feel that 15 is still to young of an age to choose....well anyway just want to say i read ur blog and for some reason want to comment it..which is a strange thing for me to do :)...but anyway thats the end for me so peace