Thursday, April 17, 2008

On a Baha'i-Inspired Drum: 9-point rim, dreamcatcher-style star

Mini 6" Baha'i Inspired Drum (Item number: 330227617944)
Handmade drum
Material: brown bear hide, and cedar 9 point rim, dreamcatcher style star with 19*5 beaded
Style: Naive, Primitive

Caught my eye. -gw

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Michael Frank said...

uhhhhh - "Smudged and created on the holy day Birth of The Bab 2008." is stated in the description. That's remarkable!! It was created 6 months from now! I once knew someone (a Lummi, north of you next door to B'ham) that made drum, even 9 sided ones. Am getting a very fishy smell from this auction. my opinion..........