Tuesday, April 01, 2008

On Baha'i Administration on Planet Baha'i: Open doors

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door - - Interesting discussion on the Planet Baha'i forum about
Door to door teaching. I am hoping to drop in myself and share some of my experiences.

Planet Bahá'í
There is a wealth of information about just about everything Baha'i on Planet Baha'i, including a nifty collection of articles about Baha'i administration.

Bahá'í Administration * Bahá'í Elections * Bahá'i Government * Being Organized * Consultation: Decision-Making in a New World * Every Decision Is Spiritual * The Local Spiritual Assembly * Voting the Bahá'í Way * What's the Big Deal About Bahá'í Administration? * Who Needs Campaigns?

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George Wesley Dannells said...

Note to Julie: I think everybody, is free to blog whatever they want, within the realm of common decency. They are also free to self-identify themselves however they want. Whether others buy that self-definition is up to the other people. We can't control the constructions that other people make of the posts we put up, nor should we try to.