Saturday, March 22, 2008

On What Baha'is "Might" Do: Irrelevant speculation

The student newspaper at the University of Washington does a general article about the Baha'i Faith interviewing some remarkable and exemplary U fo W students who are Baha'is. A Mr. Mahdi drops down to raise a question in the comments section: "I have to wonder what would happen if the Baha'is had the corrupting power of a state?." Here is part of a response to Mr. Mahdi by a Baha'i. -gw
This Mahdi writes "could Matrixists expect much better treatment in a state dominated by Baha'is?" Since no such "state dominated by Baha'is" exists, your description of a non-existing state and what you think Baha'is MIGHT do in that future place or time is irrelevant. You have no empirical evidence to support a statement of what you think Baha'is "might" do!
Claiming "already" that "Baha'is ridicule The path of the One and denounce its followers as heretics" doesn't hold water. Just because you say this, doesn't make it true, and you offer no proof to support any claim of accuracy by your weak and unproven statements.
When you say "I have to wonder what would happen if the Baha'is had the corrupting power of a state?" AGAIN you are speaking about a situation (a state on the globe) where Baha'is had "power of a state" and this doesn't exist. And when you throw in it the adjective "corrupting", that negative description comes from you, not from Baha'is!
So basically you are talking about a place that doesn't exist, in a time that hasn't taken place yet, if ever, with the "characteristic" of "corruption" for which no empirical evidence exists.

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Barmak Kusha said...

No kidding. Some people have nothing better to do than tear other people's faith down...or at least they try to, and fail.