Friday, March 14, 2008

On Truth: Religious and Personal

There are the eternal spiritual verities that are the same from revelation to revelation, there are the social teachings that change with each Manifestation, and there is our personal truths, which may be based on our interpretation of scripture, and are never authoritative, and our personal views of the world which will be inevitably different, given that no two people occupy the same space or have the same experience. -gw

Religious truth is the belief that truth is sent from a power beyond our comprehension and commands unwavering belief in that truth with faith, regardless of our ability to understand that truth. From the early teachings of Krishna to the modern Baha’i religion, the idea of religious truth remains the same.

Personal truth is born from and plays a part in all of the other kinds of truth. What this means is that we each have our own perspective, and so each have our own personal truths. What is true for me may not be truth for you.

Lori, "Truth Be Told,"

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