Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Massive Realization: I really feel I have found my direction for once

The Internet is amazing. So is Jessica. -gw

Hello, My name is Jessica, and I'm really interested in learning about the Baha'i Faith. I know quite a few Baha'is through my boyfriend and his family, but I'm so very hesitent to ask them where is the best place to start off, the best book for introductions, and all of that because I feel so extremely stupid when it comes to religion. I know they'd be willing to help, but I just don't want to make a fool of myself, so better to ask someone who is knowledgable but whom I don't really know. So, if you don't mind, could you recommend a few good books to start off with? I've never been religious at all, mainly due to a lot of my ideas clashing, but how my boyfriend explained some things to me it sounds like this has really put all of my thoughts and ideas on God and existance into line. I'd just really like to test the water, and see what the faith is all about- especially the whole idea of how we came to be. So, thanks in advance, if you don't mind giving me some advice as to where to start looking.

- Jessica

How wonderful to hear from you, Jessica! There is no one place to start. There is no one book. No need to "feel stupid."

One good place to begin are the official Baha'i websites, such as www.bahai.org and www.bahai.us.

Next you could contact your local Baha'is and ask them about participating in a Ruhi study circle. It's small group study using a series of books that will give you the best possible foundation for understanding God's teachings for this day. All of the core activities of the Baha'i Faith are open to all, so you should feel comfortable being with others who, like you, are seeking and wanting to know more about this spiritual path.

With your permission I would like to re-post your lovely email on my blog.

Please get back to me and tell me how all this goes for you.

- George Wesley Dannells

Thank you so much, Mr. Dannells! As soon as I went to the bahai.org website you gave me I found a lot of the answers I was looking for right away! The more I learn about this faith the more everything really makes sense to me, and I really believe this is the most wonderful thing that could have happend to me. Now that I feel more confident that this faith backs up virtually everything I've ever thought and believed in, I really want to dive into it. And even after discovering the Baha'i faith and their view that all religions of the world are ultimately connected through one God I am so excited to learn all about all of the world religions! I really feel like I've found my direction for once, because for so many years I've been so confused because I felt that all of the things I believed in contradicted one another. I will definately contact the Baha'is in my community when I feel comfortable with all of this, right now I'm just taking this all in because I feel like I've had this massive realization, as cliche as that sounds. And sure, go right ahead and use anything you want for your blog- that is how I found you, afterall. Thank you so much!

- Jessica

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Barmak Kusha said...

Our prayers are with you, and our arms are open to you, Jessica ...