Monday, March 17, 2008

On God's Punishment of Humanity: For the guilty chastisement, for the innocent a reminder and a blessing

A friend shared these thoughts with me.... If you read the Guardian's writings, he makes it clear that God does punish humanity, the guilty and the innocent, both spiritually and materially. While for the guilty, it's chastisement, for the innocent, ultimately it's a reminder and a blessing. This adds another layer of significance, therefore, to the occurrence of earthquakes, plagues, and pestilence. -gw

Wheat Killer Detected In Iran: Dangerous Fungus On The Move From East Africa To The Middle East
ScienceDaily (Mar. 17, 2008) — A new and virulent wheat fungus, previously found in East Africa and Yemen, has moved to major wheat growing areas in Iran, reports the UN's Food and Agricultural Organization. ...

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