Wednesday, March 19, 2008

On the FUNDamentals of Faith: Where the spiritual and material meet

There are 25 days between the end of the fast and the end of the tax season. That's when I do my taxes. When I do them, I review what my contributions were to the Baha'i Fund during the previous year. It is also a time to note the status of the National Fund at the end of the Baha'i Fiscal Year. Remember the Fund, friends, remember the Fund.

Tax season is also a time many Baha'is figure out and pay their Huququllah. Only Baha'is can contribute to the Baha'i Fund and pay the Huquq. Just in case you think that this is a "Baha'is only" post, consider the email I got today from a seeker who asked, "And why can’t non-Baha’is give to the fund?" That only the contributions of Baha'is have, for example, built the Houses of Worship around the world is a point of distinction for the Faith, and, apparently, a point of attraction for this seeker. -gw

[from the U.S. National Treasurer's Office]

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