Thursday, March 06, 2008

On the Fruits of Direct Teaching: Then and, soon in Tacoma, now

Two ladies sitting together speaking in Spanish at the Glendora Tea, a home-gathering for Ayyam-i-Ha in our community recently. The lady facing is not a Baha'i, but learning about it. The lady with the photo album in her hands, is a Baha'i, who came in through mass teaching in Los Angeles in the 1970s . Ya Baha'u'l-Abha!

The photo is from "The Glendora Tea" on my wife's blog Flitzy Phoebie. Click over for more photos and to find out who was Glendora. -gw

As I age, I have come to understand that life, and progress in the world, is not so much about 'me' as it is about 'community'.


Barmak Kusha said...

Just the other day, my father-in-law in southern Oregon told me about an old Baha'i lady he knows who is also getting very excited about teaching again, since the last time she had seen the same spirit and excitement -- 1970's! So, I guess the answer to my prayers after that angry email is this: seeing that there are more who are excited than not...?
p.s. I really gotta get a life and stop reading and commenting on 75% of your posts.. hahah!!

George Wesley Dannells said...

There was much enthusiasm for mass teaching in Oregon in the 1970's, I'm happy to remember. I visited Oregon myself during that time.

As for your commenting, I'm delighted. Perhaps your example will be an invitation to others who visit to add their voices here as well.

Barmak Kusha said...

Ok this is becoming more and more interesting... you are not as young in age as I had thought, AND you visited Oregon during those times?! Hmmm..... It seems we are connected in more ways than one...

George Wesley Dannells said...

Yes, I was privileged to work as a staff member for the National Teaching Committee during the later part of the 1970's and the early 80's. I had opportunity to occasionally visit with District Teaching Committees in the Western States in person, but more frequently by phone.

Baha'is are always connected, I've found.