Thursday, March 13, 2008

On Food After the Fast: To think about now...

Baha'i fasters
wanna know,
what's for dessert? -gw
Photos: Flitzy Phoebie


SAM said...

I think I am going to tease some friends posting this on my facebook tomorrow ;)

Now, seriously, I think what I am truly missing this year is some sweets and cakes. Being in a country I barely know the places and they all keep advicing of not going out when it darkens makes the cake by-night eating tough. And being with non-bahá'ís makes the whole thing tougher... So, what I am really missing are the things you have just posted.
Do you think I could print them and eat them? :p

George Wesley Dannells said...

Take all the cake you want, SAM, and share it with your friends on Facebook, too. Which side of the Atlantic are you on, which country? It's sad not to be able to go out after dark. Sadder yet not to be around the Friends when you need them.

SAM said...

After 16 years away from Brasil, I came back for a few months, and after NawRuz I am going back to Potugal, where I live.
But, let me tell you, I am inlove again with this nation and might probably come back very soon (and who knows... for good!).
If I end up here, we could organize a bahai bloggers psychology forum here ;) what do u say?

George Wesley Dannells said...

I say, let's go for it! Include any material here that would be of interest to Baha'i mental health professionals or any one else intrested in mental health issues. What guides your work? What are you reading that inspires you. For-um, for-um, for-um!

I am in love with Brazil even though I have never been there. So that makes two of us.

SAM said...

Well, this is a Ten Years Plan, more or less. I think such an encounter, forum or meeting, being international takes a whole organization to be PARAMOUNT!
This on any field, scholar, menthal health, blogger, anything.

But now, what I am really thinking, and maybe you could help (perhaps we should talk through email about it) is somekind of bahá'ís e-forum for bloggers (perhaps on facebook or something). This is a need I feel, and maybe others could also feel it.

On psychology... My approach, by training is system approach (this is the field of my masters finnished a couple of years ago in Spain), but by passion is logotherapy. I suppose you know them both, don't you?

What I read is basically what is on my facebook profile ;)
(as you can see I am all about facebook!)

dan said...