Monday, March 10, 2008

On Baha'is as Positive Deviants: Individuals within a system that stand out in a good way

Stay Well This Week
At my place of employment we have had the benefit of periodic presentations by a "stay well" consultant, Robin Rose. We also receive emails from time to time intended to support our skill development in the self-management of emotional state. One of her emails was on "positive deviants." It occurs to me that that description fits the members of the Baha'i religion within the system of the world. -gw

Positive Deviants
Are you a positive deviant? If not, you might want to consider becoming one.

Positive deviants are those individuals within a system (think family, team or organization) that stand out -- in a good way. Their uncommon behaviors foster better teamwork, better solutions, and greater ease in the family or workplace. would you like people to remember you after your death? ...

Staywell, Robin
Indeed, how would you like to be remembered? Will God be well-pleased? -gw

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