Sunday, March 16, 2008

On the Baha'i Singing Project: Bringing Music to the Cluster

Spring has sprung! The grass is riz!
I wonder where the party is.
It's deep inside every loving heart,
'Cuz a New Year's gonna start!

Bringing Music to the Cluster
Bosch Baha'i School 2008

The Fake Book
A Tiny Seed

Allah'u'Abha (Jazz)
Allah'u'Abha (simple)
Ayyam-i-Ha Fun
Close Your Eyes
God Is Sufficient
Good Neighbors
Happy Birthday, Baha'u'llah
Happy Naw-Ruz
I Adjure Thee
I Am a B
I Declare (Lyrics)
I Declare (Music)
Joyful Tidings of Light
Light of Unity
Make Us One, Lord
Many Voices
Morning Prayer
My Beloved
My Calamity is My Providence
My God, My Adored One
Nightingale of Paradise
Noah, Abraham, Krishna
O God, Educate These Children (Jazz)
O God, Educate These Children (Simple)
One Planet, One People Please
Praise Be To God
Queen of Carmel
Ray of Light
Remover of Difficulties
Ruhi, Ruhi
Shine Your Light on Me
Song of the Months
Spirit Calling
Thank You, Thank You
The Essence of Faith
There Can Be No Doubt Whatever
There Is No Time To Lose
Toko Zani
We Are One World
We Will Have One World
What Wondrous Love Is This
World Chant
Ya Baha'ul-Abha (Dunbar)
Ya Baha'ul-Abha (Asberger)

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