Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On Baha'i Participation on the Internet: Moderation, courtesy, fairness, dignity, accuracy, wisdom, understanding, and fellowship

Priniciples to be observed by Baha'is on the Internet include moderation, courtesy, fairness, dignity, accuracy, wisdom, understanding, and fellowship, as noted in this fine slide program available on the Bangalore Baha'i website. "If the Information Age was passive, the Participation Age is active."
We live in the "Participation Age." -gw

Dear Baha'i friends,
Pls find the presentation on effective Bahá'í participation on the Internet.
The same is available for download at http://www.bahaibangalore.in/
Warm Bahá'í Greetings, Praveen.

The Internet Perspective.pdf1217K
The “Participation Age”
An ethos of collaboration and sharing.
Collaborative efforts of a group of ordinary individuals can lead to
perspectives and outcomes not possible for an individual, even a
recognized expert.
With the emergence of interactive media, readers of news are no
longer passive recipients of information, but participate in how that
information is distributed and ultimately interpreted.

Slide 7, "Promoting the Cause on the Internet"
{Photo: "MIMA Event: The Age of Participation, Minneapolis Public Library, February 13, 2008." Uploaded on March 16, 2008 by ryan1010 on flickr. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ryanloomis/2339192646/}

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