Friday, March 14, 2008

On Baha'i Music: New projects keep coming

Flitzy Phoebie
Jarome Matthews

Sharing tunes at last Sunday's devotions at Tim and Deb's with 8 or so Pacific Lutheran Univrsity students in attendance, I was so glad to have on my iPod some great Baha'i songs with a sound that speaks directly to them. We have producers like Jarome to thank for the cutting-edge sound of Baha'i music today. Noted on Facebook... -gw

Seeking Submissions for Baha'i 'Music For Devotions' CD!

Hello, I just posted details on a new CD project for a Baha'i 'Music For Devotions' CD that is seeking submissions from Baha'i artists! If your song is chosen, your song will be professionally produced for the CD at no cost to you. More details on the Baha'i musicians group.

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