Thursday, February 07, 2008

On Five Year Plan Teaching Resources: Linking Arms

You may have already noticed these links on, but if you haven't, get busy. The organization that is now evident to support the teaching work is incredible! Ya-Baha'u'l-Abha! -gw - a comprehensive archive of teaching materials, including Anna’s Presentation in English, Spanish, and Farsi; presentations and handouts on all Book 2 deepening themes; Book 3 pictures and songs; and an array of fliers, invitations, and contact forms used in intensive programs of growth

Five Year Plan Teaching Resources

Annas Presentation Flipbook - English.pdf
Annas Presentation Flipbook - Farsi.pdf
Annas Presentation Flipbook - Spanish.pdf
Book 2 - Deepening Themes - Booklets
Book 2 - Deepening Themes - Booklets
Book 2 - Deepening Themes - Handouts
Book 2, Unit 3 All 10 Themes.pdf
Book 3 Coloring Sheets.pdf
Book 3 Songs.pdf
Book 6 Annas Presentation Text.pdf
Childrens Classes Overview English.doc
Childrens Classes Overview Spanish.doc
Conozcamos La Fe Bahai.pdf
Cultivating a Neighborhood.doc
Declaration Cards
Declaration Cards
Devotional Program - Happiness.doc
Home Revisit Card.doc
Junior Youth Groups Overview English.doc
Junior Youth Groups Overview Spanish.doc
Neighborhood Community Service Flyer.doc
Neighborhood Tracking 2.xls
Neighborhood Tracking.xls
Prayer Cards.pdf
Sample CC Invitation and Prayer Card.pdf
Sample Childrens Class Flyer.doc
Sample Devotional Flyer 4 per sheet.doc
Sample Devotional Gathering Flyer.doc
Teaching Team Planning Template.doc

Please note that you are invited to upload and contribute your own offerings at the site. -gw

Anna’s Presentation (Part 1) from Ruhi Resources; Anna’s Presentation (Part 2) - another downloadable version of Anna’s presentation in two parts (please note that PDF filenames are reversed: “…AnnasBook2.pdf” is the first half of the presentation, “…AnnasBook1.pdf” is the second half).

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