Sunday, February 10, 2008

On a Tip for Baha'i Bloggers: Don't Forget to Mention "Baha'i" in Your Post

Not everyone is comfortable on the Internet. Not every Baha'i loves spending part of their day online. But for those Baha'is who feel the slightest calling to do their part to promote the Cause from the comfort of their computer, blogging about their daily lives as Baha'is and their love for Baha'u'llah is a wonderful way to increase the visibility of the Faith in the world.

The Baha'i community is a physical community that is also a virtual community on the Internet. Imagine, if every Baha'i within reach of the Internet blogged, how much more visible that community would become to the public. There are hundreds of blogs on the blog aggregator BahaiNine : Best Baha'i Blogs, Photos and Videos. Imagine when there will be thousands... tens of thousands... hundreds of thousands featured.

Note to Baha'i bloggers. If you are doing a post about your activities in serving the Faith in any way, or reflections on the Faith, or anything that is related to the Faith, be sure you include the word "Baha'i" somewhere in the text. A keyword search for "Baha'i" will not bring the visitor to your site unless "Baha'i" is mentioned. -gw
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SMK said...

there's many countries that need their national communities characterized in citable form at wikipedia.... see here