Saturday, February 02, 2008

On Some Tech Savvy for Baha'is: :: Baha'i Tools ::

From: Naysawn
Sent: Sat 2/2/2008 4:53 PM
To: George Dannells

Myself and a couple buddies in Seattle have put together a gadget that sits on a Windows Vista desktop and displays Baha'i quotations whenever it is clicked upon. The gadget seeks to help users read from the Writings on a regular basis – particularly in the morning and evening. We're going to be releasing it to the web in the next few days. Our website:

Announcing: The Baha'i Quotes Gadget for Windows Vista:

The Quotes Gadget provides you with a selection of quotations from the Baha'i Writings.

The gadget seeks to help you read from the Writings on a regular basis -- particularly in the morning and evening. The gadget will gently remind you it has a new quote at your specified notification times throughout the day. The current version supports two times per day. The notification consists of a 'gleam' animation on the 9-pointed star.

The gadget currently pulls its quotations from a local file of 100 quotations. We need your
assistance to increase the size of quotes in the library and augment the number of languages it can serve.

About Us:

We are a group of
Baha'is dedicated to the creation of software that will assist believers in their everyday lives. The majority of us are located in the Seattle Area of the United States but welcome the assistance of others from all over the world.

These efforts are purely individual, voluntary, and in no way officially sanctioned or endorsed by any Bahá'í body or agency. Please feel free to
contact us, to log a bug, give us a piece of your mind, or just say hi :). We love to hear from people who find our projects useful and even those who do not! history
- March 2006: Established in Seattle, WA, USA
- May 2007:
Badi Calendar published
- Jan 2008:
Quotes Gadget published

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