Monday, February 11, 2008

On Secular Humanism: Give Me That Old Time Religion

This was the religion of my father. He was a card-carrying member of the American Rationalist Association and the American Humanist Association, and described himself as a religious freethinker. -gw

What is your ideal religion?
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You scored as Secular Humanism
As a Secular Humanist,you are very closely related to those with agnostic and atheistic beliefs, although you are more of a philantropist, and work for causes that improve humanity. You are very open minded, and care about your fellow man.

"Well, that pretty much covers it for me"
Secular humanism is great. Growing up in the family home I appreciated the human values that are at humanism's core. At age 18, when I encountered the Baha'i Faith, I knew at some level that only through religion could those values be translated into reality in the world, and that religion was, in fact, the source of those values. -gw


Anne said...

Hi George,
"You scored as a Baha'i
Your ideal religion is Baha'i."
Oh good, I guess I'll stay! :-)

I find the new atheism refreshing. Religion should be subject to the light of our reason, we should question our beliefs and think about them logically, we shouldn't just rely on tradition. Religion has a powerful impact on behavior and we should always ask ourselves what that impact is. I think the new atheism is washing away the idols of our self created misconceptions and social laws which may no longer be relevant today and causing us to look at religion in a new light. So I think it's a good thing!

George Wesley Dannells said...

Yes, I agree, Anne, there is something cleansing about the new atheism.