Sunday, February 24, 2008

On a Ruhi Warrior Gets Appointed an Assistant to the Auxiliary Board: Awesome Day

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"This faith has room for all kinds, mystics, administrators, etc.," Ruhi Warrior 19 writes. -gw

In the Bahá’í Faith, our highest authority is an elected body called the Universal House of Justice, who we consider to be infallible when making legislative decisions. They appoint the other branch of the faith who represent them, and while having no “power” help to make things run smoothly. On the most local level, following a line of appointment from the Universal House of Justice, are Auxiliary Board Members. (One for Protection, and one for Propagation.) Our Auxiliary Board Member for Propagation was in attendance, from quite a ways away. When he left he called me out to the car and we talked. He gave me a book and asked me to read it that I might better do what he had to request from me, to serve as his assistant for my area.

I have that sort of “ummm… me?” feeling, but I am very proud to do it. I accepted out of obedience, not confidence. I will serve as a representative between him and my area, and specifically when youth are involved. It means - which is very intimidating - that I am a part of a direct line of appointment from the Universal House of Justice. I am very intimidated, but very much looking forward to this. It will give me impetus to serve as I should and to be a better person, as I feel a healthy weight on my shoulders. ...

So, awesome day.

My name is Ruhi (arabic for sprit). I am a seventeen year old American Bahá’í convert. I am currently in my last year of highschool and my plans for the future are vague; I do plan however on pursuing a career in Bahá’í scholarship, thanks to the inspiration of two Bahá’í scholars and idols of mine,
Dr. Susan Maneck, and Dr. Moojan Momen. I spend most of my time involved in Bahá’í activities, and my faith is obviously quite important to me, however I do have a few other interests. History and Social Sciences fascinate me, as well as amateur web-design and creative writing. My friends are family are near and dear to me, and I have a close kinship with any animal I meet.
God Bless, Ruhi

A meeting of Auxiliary Board members and some of their assistants in our home a few weeks ago. -gw


Anonymous said...

Alláh-u-abhá George,

Thank you for this, and all your friendly support. Proud to be featured on your blog.

God Bless,

George Wesley Dannells said...

No news has warmed my heart more than hearing of your appointment, Ruhi! Your example is worthy for us all.