Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On the Relational Aspect of Ruhi Study Circles: Continuity of relationships trumps conceptual challenges

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Anonymous often has some very cogent things to say. I see his/her comments on blog posts all over the blogosphere. Here is one of Anonymous's musings on David's marvelous Correlating. -gw

Anonymous said...
The fellowship or relationship building aspect of the study circle process is as you say of paramount significance. Here's one anecdote demonstrating the key role of the relational aspect of Ruhi. At one point, our small community only had a book 6 going and we had some seekers who indicated they would like to join the study circle. Despite the obvious challenges of this material for these seekers they declared after a few months! Moral of the story: the continuity of the relationships of the study circle trumped whatever conceptual challenges they faced. In short, they *experienced* the Word of God through the study circle and that's what mattered.

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