Tuesday, February 05, 2008

On How Close the Baha'i World Is: I love it when this happens

"Baha'idrate: Mix 1 people, 1 God, 1 religion" - "He got the shirt at NEBY," uploaded on July 6, 2007 by furbsie on flickr

My favorite blog snippet of the day. -gw

The Baha'i world is so close. 5 minutes in 'Oh, you're from NZ? Do you know .... and.....' Of course! It must have been the weirdest thing for Arthur to see! Negin, one of the girls, is going to the same conference I'm going to next weekend in CT (NEBY), and Melody might be coming to the BIC (where my internship is) to be a summer intern which would be so great, and Mazna and Melody both work/ed at the Tahireh Justice Centre when Kat was living in DC at the start of last year! Amazing, I love it when this happens..


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