Monday, February 11, 2008

On the Boy Scouts of America: Religions Recognized as Legitimate

This post makes for an interesting read in its entirety in it's description of a family dilemma. It poses the question, which religions are legitimate and which aren't? -gw

The BSA recognizes these 35 religions as “legitimate”: African Methodist Episcopal Church, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Armenian Apostolic Church of America (Western Prelacy), Armenian Church of America (Eastern Diocese), Baha'i, Baptist, Eastern Catholic, Roman Catholic, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Church of Christ (Scientist), The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Churches of Christ, Community of Christ, Eastern Orthodox, Episcopal, General Church of the New Jerusalem (The New Church), Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Lutheran, Meher Baba, Moravian, Polish National Catholic Church, Presbyterian Church in America, Presbyterian Church (USA), Protestant and Independent Christian Churches, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), The Salvation Army, United Church of Christ, United Methodist, United Pentecostal Church International, Unity Churches, Zoroastrian

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