Wednesday, February 27, 2008

On Baha'i Teaching in the United States: Sharing, Talking, Advancing

Barmak Kusha said in a comment to the previous post... -gw

Dear George : We here in Columbia, Maryland, just finished intensive phase of our 10th cycle of growth; it involved direct collective teaching, including door to door invitations to learn about the faith and Anna's presentation to those who wished to know more... You can learn more about our learnings on the blog!!

Indeed, teaching.baha' is where you can read of Barmak's teaching efforts and others such as this one from right here in Western Washington... -gw

FOUR more declare in Seattle Cluster!
The excitement is high as updates come from the friends in the Seattle Area Cluster (A) about their success in the teaching work! Just a few lines from 2 believers say it all . . .

E: FOUR more declarations in Seattle this morning!!

me: fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

E: :) a whole family!Mom, and three kids (14, 15 &18)

me: Awesome!

E: Already they are eager to start Ruhi 1 (they declared at the morning devotions at the Ethiopian restaurant in South Seattle owned by a Bahá’í family). And an animator has already agreed to start a junior youth group for the 14 Ok, gotta run. They will be at tonight's musical devotions, too! Yay!!! Read more!

Indeed, read more... -gw

Direct Teaching Methods (27)
Community of Interest (22)
Collective Teaching Activities (19)
Intensive Programs of Growth (16)
Enrollments (14)
Expanding Children's Classes (14)
Cluster Coordination (11)
Exploring Home Visits (10)
Fostering Outward Orientation (10)
Effective Teaching Teams (9)
Rich Junior Youth Groups (6)
Youth in Action (6)
Enhancing Study Circles (5)
LSAs in the Plan (5)
The Role of the Tutor (3)
Vibrant Devotional Meetings (3)
Updates (2)
share your story. talk back. advance the Cause.

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