Monday, February 18, 2008

On the Baha'i Religion as a Service-Learning Project: Reflection as a best practice

Every three months or so Baha'is gather in their respective clusters for what is known as a Reflection Meeting. I love that word "reflection." It is a word that is in wide use. In the Early Head Start program with which I have been affiliated as a local consultant
reflective supervision
is considered to be a best practice.

The Baha'i religion today is a service-learning project. The reflection meeting is in the parlance of education "structured reflection."

The term structured reflection is used to refer to a thoughtfully constructed process that challenges and guides students in (1) examining critical issues related to their service-learning project, (2) connecting the service experience to coursework, (3) enhancing the development of civic skills and values, and (4) assisting students in finding personal relevance in the work.
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