Friday, February 22, 2008

On Anti-Baha'i Threats: Our tests here in the West are petty in comparison to what our Iranian brethren are experiencing

The news from Iran is deeply disturbing. -gw

Anti-Baha’i threats and slogans
On the morning of 29 Bahman 1386/18 February 2008 Baha’is of Isfahan found a flyer in their homes signed by ‘Hezbollahi youth awaiting Mahdi’ which threatened their very existence. Some others found ‘Death to Baha’ism’ sprayed on their doors.

The flyer highlights the following promise to Imam Hossein: ‘To eliminate the Baha’is from the face of the earth.’

{Photo: "Khaju Bridge, Isfahan," uploaded on August 5, 2006 by Hamed Saber on flickr, licensed uner Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic}

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