Thursday, February 07, 2008

On Anger and Graciousness: Reconcilation

One of my favorite Baha'i essayists in print is J.A. McLean. Here is a taste of his work. -gw

Any complaining I do in the present is the residue of life's past frustration and pain, the imagined unfulfilled hopes and dreams. Any anger I now manifest derives from my failure to accept graciously and to reconcile myself to the hurts that are inevitably bound up with my unfolding destiny. Any whining, any note of self-pity, is due to an inability to understand at the deepest levels, to have greater faith and trust, to detach myself from the things that I fancy I love most deeply and would not bear to live without.

Under the Divine Lote Tree: Essays and Reflections, by Jack McLean. ISBN: 978-0-85398-438-2

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