Tuesday, January 15, 2008

On the Core Activities of Baha'i Life: Our Universal House of Justice exhorts us to hold these prayer gatherings

One of the countless bounties of the Ruhi Institute process has been the encouragement given to the Baha'i friends to hold devotional meetings in their homes. Jacky does. -gw

Devotional Meeting
For some 6 months now, I've been having devotional meetings at my home every fortnight. Our Universal House of Justice (the supreme guiding body of the Baha'is) exhorts us to hold these prayer gatherings as one of the four core activities to invite our non-Baha'i friends and introduce them to Baha'i principles and beliefs. On average, I've had a non-Baha'i or two at these meetings and it is always fun.For this particular one, we had a non-Baha'i friend from Benin, Western Africa. He tells me he enjoys the prayer gatherings. This is the second time he's attended. Edison and Elena sang, chanted and played the guitar, and then we read Writings on service, as well as said and chanted prayers. And after all that, we ate lots. I really enjoyed it.

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I am one lucky lady who has had more opportunities for personal growth than many can boast of. It has been an adventurous, quite rewarding, life so far. I still seize every opportunity I can to make my mark (do something significant for humanity). I have much to be thankful for, though: My Faith, my indispensable family, a wonderful circle of friends, and a very supportive husband, Aaron. You can check out our wedding website at

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