Friday, January 25, 2008

On Wisdom, Goodness, and Deep Faith: Visiting Grandma's and Vice-Grandma's

Oh my God, is this post beautiful! Click over and read it in its entirety with photos. -gw
& visit to vice-grandma’s:)

All these years that I had minimal contact with my Iraqi grandparents I considered this wonderful couple from Iran, Rosa and Mozaffar, vice-grandparents of a sort. Before Christmas I learned Mozaffar had passed away……and I immediately wanted to visit Rosa. Today I took the bus, train, metro and bus to go to Tapiola and met Rosa and her wonderful son, a real continuation of Mozaffar.

After 2,5 hours of intense and interesting conversation (and cookies:) we ended with these photos - how strange that Rosa has at one point carried someone twice her size in her womb… the wonders of evolution;) It’s also fun to think Rosa remembers me from the times I was half her height - now she’s half my height!

As I hinted before, the wisdom, goodness and deep faith (Baha’i faith, by the way) of Mozaffar lives on in his son, and it was really an honour to have some very fascinating conversations with him. I wish everyone had a chance to have sincere and respectful conversations with representatives of different world-views and faiths such as I did today.

I want to thank the Namdars and wish them all the best in their trip to the Holy Land and then to America. May God protect you and be with you.

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