Monday, January 21, 2008

On Which Religious Claims Are True: (1) None (2) All (3) Only one (4) Some truth, some junk

A fascinating discussion here. -gw

So now, what can we say about different religious claims about reality? If we were to take all these claims as they are made today, there appear to be blatant contradictions amongst them. Now what are the different possible cases that could exist?

1. None of them are true
2. All of them are true, as they are today
3. Only one (some) of them is (are) true
4. All of them have some grain of truth to them, but a lot of what they say is junk too

I think that is the complete set of possibilities. Lets examine these separately. ...

Nikhil Ravi, "One common faith," The Quest for Certitude

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