Tuesday, January 08, 2008

On Super Baha'i Girl: 25,524 views on YouTube so far

Here is a recommendation from Tina in Estonia.-gw

Check out the Super Baha'i Girl and the Legion of Superheroes :D rofl

Here is Dan's recommendation from a year ago. -gw

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen the adventures of Super Baha’i Girl. It’s a video put together by Junior Youth from (somewhere in the British Isles?), and it’s fantastically hilarious. Super Baha’i Girl invites her fellow super-heroes to a study circle, but the evil doings of Peer Pressure Girl disrupt the occasion. Can Super Baha’i Girl help establish unity and restore order to society?? Watch it now!

Super Baha'i Girl is the 5th most popular Baha'i video on YouTube with 25,524 views to date. Below is a recent video on Baha'i study circles. -gw
YouTube - The Study Circles
video about one of the four Baha'i core activities. Added: January 06, 2008. Category: Ruhi Classes.

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Rory said...

Super Bahá'í Girl was filmed and edited at the Scottish Bahá'í Summer School 2006, by the junior youth class.