Monday, January 14, 2008

On Strange Religion: Increasingly Common-ly Known

Parker is a Common Market lover. -gw

Parker’s most listened to in 2007
Monday, January 14

I think this album was released in early 2006, but I listened to it a lot in 2007. The Seattle group is MC’ed by RA Scion and produced by Sabzi (who also represents half of the Blue Scholars). Sabzi went to UW, which is pretty cool too. The lyrics are highly political and spiritual:

Devout by choice, but providentially Baha’i* by chance
I make the most of an unusual circumstance
For a Cause I discovered in another land
I don’t expect y’all to fully understand

from most listened to song: G’dang Diggy . It is intelligent hip-hop and it is really good. They are releasing “Tobacco Road” in 2008.

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