Tuesday, January 22, 2008

On Ruhi and the Louis Gregory Baha'i Institute: Put your hands together and praise Him!

The road more traveled, to and from LGBI, Tarazullah Dannells
Ruhi and LGBI. Now that's a combination! -gw

It was good to hear about all the busy Ruhi Institute processes being directed from LGBI. As I drove away from Hemingway, SC, I listened to gospel songs on 90.9 FM, Radio Baha'i...." Put your hands together, and praise Him!" Great way to start the day. The station was clear for me for well over an hour. My favorite spot on the air was when I heard Gabrielle do a short presentation on the dangers of materialism.


Tarazullah Dannells





My son spent 6 months at LGI a few years. Here are photos (the page takes a while to load) of his nature experience there. -gw

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Ornament of God said...

way cool dad
i miss this place.. hope to visit in summer ~