Thursday, January 03, 2008

On Regaining Simplicity: Wonderment Instead of Grief

Baha'i Books
I remember being 10, maybe 12, and wandering through our resort's hotel lobby when I saw a fellow looking an awful lot like Santa Claus, at a Baha'i Faith convention's information table.

Baha'i Gardens
Always drawn to Santa-like people with the hope of receiving things for free, I naturally stopped to tell him that he bore an uncanny resemblance to my North Pole friend. I then decided to ask him what Baha'i Faith meant, and he more or less told me how BF pretty much was this hodge-podge faith that leant credence to many beliefs. His notions, not necessarily the truth. Go play with Wikipedia to learn more. ...

My point is, though, that I guess there comes a time in all of our lives when we reach a crisis of faith, a crisis of consciousness, and even a crisis of self. We lose who we are and big questions like "why are we here?" and "what's the point of it all?" starting swimming in our stream of consciousness, and no matter how often we try to stop up the dam as the flood of wonderment happens, we keep coming back to the wonderings.

Steffanie "used to write about sex," and here she is writing about philosophy and religion. I think she is on to something. -gw

I think relationships and sex and communication are just fantastic and I intend to indulge in much of them in my lifetime. But there are times when losing ourselves in the arms of another really does amount to a loss, and possibly a loss of far too much to make the entanglement worth the grief.

I've had a time of great clarity in these past few days, of realizing I've still been giving people far too much power over how I feel about life, and having now realized what I've been doing, I'm pretty passionate about reclaiming who I was that sunny midnight in the Yukon, having had that moment of clarity where all of life just exploded in simplicity.

That's my 2008, reclaiming simplicity in all aspects of life.
"Dawson City Midnight Sun"

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