Saturday, January 12, 2008

On a Re-Cap Yo, its 2008!!!: wished i was a kid again tho!

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Some highlights from the year for rOya. -gw

MAR: fastingggggg!! it was cool 2 hv like d whole fam arnd first few days... rare sights all of us waking up super early eating breakfast 2gath... absolutely onli happens during fasting months! practiced dance 4 naw-ruz despite the amazing amounts of assignments... but naw-ruz was ok.. wished i was kid again tho!

AUG: sarawakk babeh!!! travel teaching with me couzie was great! wonderfull experience.. the long houses.. boy will never 4get the worst nite ever there.. is probly the best nite ever too cuz we got 2 c soooooooooooooooooo many stars! the freinds who helped us our way along... n the JY camp was the highlight... so much spirit.. n made some good friends there too.. boy, i miss Kolo mee!!

OCT: i dont rmbr wat happen.. guess it was just too much work in uni! 1 more addition 2 da Baha'is in uni! can open Baha'i Club adi! hehe..

Re-Cap Yo! its 2008!!!
blOgiee wOgiee..!!

i don't knw why there must b a reason for the name of my blog.. i didn't knw wat 2 call it.. so i used some creativity n tadaaaa!! p.s do post yr comments..i luv readin em!:)

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